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Agiliant can help solve IT problems with real results. Check out iPhone, network, ILM case studies, and Ruby on Rails apps

Let IT expertise and deep insight lead you to great results and returns!


Agiliant Enterprises specializes in providing the right IT advice. You may be a large corporation looking to define how to take your enterprise to the next level of performance, or a small company looking to reduce costs utilizing IT. We are here to help. We provide IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Social media and Search Engine Optimization services.


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Case Studies


Information Lifecycle Management: For a mining company, we analyzed their current storage infrastructure and defined how they could virtualize their storage and enable a dynamic storage platform.

Remote Access Strategy: For a natural gas company who was looking to design their network infrastructure to enable outsourcing providers provide services, we designed their remote access strategy and network.


iPhone Application: Good iPhone ideas come from people who use them. We helped one such user in building a custom iPhone app.

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